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Committee Structure

Interface Committee has a set of Senior Advisors and a working committee who meet on a regular basis for the time of prayer and planning. This is a very dynamic committee, which gets revamped every year and fresh members are added.


All INTERFACE committee members are basically spiritual leaders with a vision and motivation to serve the Lord. INTERFACE committee members realize that they are called by God and are servants of God.


The various roles we have in the committee are President, Secretary, Treasurer, Prayer Secretary, Missions/Outreach Secretary, Media Secretary, and executive members.


The committee is supported by a group of Senior Advisers who play the role of mentors.

  • Spiritual head of the committee.

  • Provides oversight and guidance for the committee members.

  • Represents Interface in the regular Monthly meetings and other events. Gives monthly updates/ needs to the attendees.

  • Communicates to all the Interface members on regular updates thro’ Media/Communications secretary.

  • Anchors execution of the plans prepared by the committee for various events.

  • Conducts interface committee meetings, circulates MOMs, and ensures the action items are carried out by the assigned persons.

  • With the help of the President, plans for alternatives/backups whenever required (if the original plans don’t work out).

  • Maintains the accounts truthfully and transparently.

  • Plans for fundraising as per specific requirements.

  • Encourages members to exercise the gift of giving.

  • Reports financial data to the committee on a regular basis.

Prayer Secretary
  • Plans and anchors all prayer meetings/ calls (regular weekly calls/ monthly meetings/ special prayer meetings/ back-stage prayer meetings/ prayer walks on campuses etc).

  • Collects various prayer points from different sources (committee members, fellowship anchors, active members etc).

  • Gathers and circulates all urgent prayer requests on a priority basis.

Missions Secretary
  • Acts as a bridge between the Interface and Fellowship group. Develops a strong bonding between fellowship groups and Interface.

  • Fosters new fellowship groups.

  • Strengthens ailing fellowships.

  • Evangelizes Interface within local fellowship groups.

  • Adds individual members to fellowship groups as well as to Interface.

Outreach Secretary
  • Helps in gospel outreach activities of Interface

  • Helps in planning and logistics of Missions trips

  • Helps in planning, development and distribution of gospel tracts

  • Anchors outreach activities during Love Decoded time such as street caroling, hostel visits, etc.

Media & Communications Secretary
  • Point of contact for the all communicates to all the Interface members.

  • Maintains tools (mailing lists, group ids, Facebook, WhatsApp, website) that are used for mass communication.

  • Provides media support to all meetings/events.

  1. Anchors the invites design and distribution on a timely basis.

  2. Provides support in maintaining and providing PA system support/ video clippings/ audio recordings/ ppts etc.

Committee Members
  • Provides help for any specific task assigned by the committee (such as logistics help, volunteers help, anchoring counsellors team, anchoring a specific event etc.).

  • Must be active in Interface monthly meetings and his/her local fellowship meetings.

  • Acts as a bridge between the Interface and local Fellowship group.

  • Along with Fellowship Anchor, plans and coordinates regular (weekly/ fortnightly/ monthly) fellowship meetings in his/her local fellowship.

  • Be in touch with members of the fellowship on a regular basis.

  • Provide support and counsel to members if required.

  • Build a community within their fellowship.

  • Actively participate in the Interface events.

  • Encourage participation from the fellowship for the interface events.

  • Develop people such that they are able to use their gifts.

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